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The Pocket Geiger – Sensing Radiation

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From one of my favorite emerging technology blogs, Gizmag, comes this story about the Pocket Geiger:

“In what seems to be a response to public fears about radiation levels following the Fukushima crisis, a Japanese organization called Radiation Watch has launched Pocket Geiger, a Geiger counter iPhone peripheral and accompanying app aimed at concerned individuals…the peripheral and app cost a mere US$46.”

Its the combination of the low price and consumer activism that makes this an interesting product.

About 10 years ago, when we were working under the name Social Technologies LLC we published a Global Lifestyles brief called The Sensing Consumer. It discussed the potential of personal sensing such as the Pocket Geiger, and even noted outdoor pollutant and contamination detection as one primary application. Read The Sensing Consumer research brief, if you’re interested in taking a look back at these 2002 forecasts.

And what we’ve seen materialize over the past decade is nothing short of amazing. Consumers have benefited greatly from sensors for personal health, safety, and even for recreational activities. Sophisticated sensors have crept into our everyday life, and the rise in these sensing capabilities have made environments much more transparent to consumers.  Just look at the Pocket Geiger!

~Mike Vidikan

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