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From Smart House to Networked Home – The Futurist Magazine

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We are proud to have published this piece in the July/August 2012 issue of The Futurist.  Our Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight subscribers are familiar with our Technology Trajectories research and this was an opportunity to share some of this material with others interested in foresight.

Innovaro’s article “From Smart House to Networked Home” in the July/ August 2012 issue of The Futurist

Read this excerpt and then download the full article below:

As we look toward the next decade, it’s clear that we are in for even more dramatic changes in the roles that technology will play in daily life. But what technologies are poised to move from niche toward the mainstream in the next 10 years? And how will these technologies change everyday activities?

To bring this into sharper focus, Innovaro Inc.’s futures consulting group identified 10 key themes that it feels will help define the tech experience in the coming decade. These 10 ‘technology trajectories’ will give people a powerful new ‘toolkit’—new devices, services, and capabilities—that will forever alter the way that we go about everyday activities, from dating and shopping to learning and working.

To continue reading, please download the full article courtesy of the World Future Society, You can check out the latest issue of The Futurist online:

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