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Recently Released Foresight Reports

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Every so often we like to share what we’ve been working on. The following are a handful of reports we released to our Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight subscribers.

Travel & Tourism: The Next Decade

Image: Darek214 (Flickr)

Over the course of the next decade, a new wave of technologies will move from development and niche application toward mainstream use by consumers. This brief is one in a series that explores how these technology trajectories may come to change travel and tourism.

China’s Evolving Diet

Image: Twang_Dunga (Flickr)

China’s diets continue to evolve as the middle class grows and incomes rise, and as China’s younger generations who were raised in a more prosperous, post-reform China become more dominant within Chinese society. This brief examines trends in Chinese diets and explores the implications of these changes for business.

Homeschooling Evolves: Five Ways

Image: Brandi Jordan (Flickr)

As parental concerns about school environment, the one-size-fits-all nature of education, and the strength of curricula grow, homeschooling is evolving in new ways. This Global Lifestyles brief identifies five key ways in which homeschooling is changing and what they could mean for the future of both home-based and conventional schooling. It also explores the resulting implications and opportunities for business.

Women Rising: Worlds 2 and 3

Working women in emerging markets are making unprecedented strides in education and income, giving them vast new opportunities as citizens, consumers, employees, and entrepreneurs. Some business and political leaders refer to these women as “the third billion”…an “emerging market” equal in numbers and potential to China or India. This Global Lifestyles brief looks at topline trends in the economic empowerment of women in Worlds 2 and 3.

Healthcare at Home: Six Forecasts

Image: juhansonin (Flickr)

This brief presents six forecasts for the evolution of home care over the next decade. It summarizes the driving forces behind the rise of home care, notes important enablers that must be put in place for a successful transition toward home medical care, and outlines the many opportunities that the transition to home care will present across relevant sectors of the economy.

Asian-American Values and Attitudes

Image: lta362 (Flickr)

This brief examines the cultural attitudes, values, and political attitudes of Asian Americans. In addition, it explores the implications of these values and attitudes for businesses attempting to engage this group of largely well-educated, relatively prosperous Americans.

Biometrics Go Live

Image: Will668 (Flickr)

Biometric identification has long been described as an emerging technology, but is now being implemented in a wide variety of applications and settings. This Technology Foresight brief summarizes the forces that are driving growing application of this technology, and offers seven forecasts for the future of the technology as it transitions to widespread use.

Digital Payment Futures

Image: TilenHrovatic (Flickr)

There is a push underway to digitize consumer payments, led by those seeking to make the mobile phones and other personal devices into digital wallets. To help monitor this trend, Innovaro analyzed the results of a recent survey about the future of device-based payment systems conducted by the Pew Research Center. This brief presents key themes that emerged from the survey and synthesizes them with material from other sources to explore the future of digital money.


Image: segwaysocial2 (Flickr)

The goal of micromobility solutions is to provide convenient transport in congested urban areas and to solve the “first/ last mile connectivity” problem…in other words, connecting public transportation points of entry/ exit to homes, workplaces, shopping, and other destinations. This brief explores the future of micromobility vehicles, which may become a more important part of integrated urban mobility solutions over the next decade and beyond.

Cloud Robotics

Image: topgold (Flickr)

Researchers, including at Google, are creating robots that tap the processing power and data made available by cloud computing, seeing it as a way to create “lighter, cheaper, and smarter” robots. This Technology Foresight brief explores the concept of cloud robotics and implications of this approach for business and society.

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