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Trend and Foresight Research Subscription

Since 2001, Innovaro has been publishing two research streams that provide weekly insights about the future of consumer life and the changing technology landscape:

  • Global Lifestyleshelps clients understand how consumer life is evolving in key markets around the world.
  • Technology Foresightis the perfect resource for professionals who need to get beyond the churn of daily tech headlines and view technology from a strategic point of view.

Subscribers receive:
Leading Edge Thinking: weekly research covering the full spectrum of trends and topics.
 Access to 10 years of Archives: over 1,200 research briefs on a wide variety of topics.
Access to Experts: exclusive sessions to dive into key themes and topics. Recent sessions included Changing American Families, and Technologies for the Next Decade.
Enrich Decision Making: Uncover emerging consumer needs and behaviors, anticipate and seize growth opportunities, and define critical emerging issues facing the future of your industry.

Global Lifestyles

Technology Foresight

Our clients are executive level professionals who work in trend and foresight functions, strategy and planning, consumer insights, innovation, NPD, and market research at some of the world’s most recognizable organizations.

Click to download Sample Reports

Download Sample report
Impact of the Recession on Families

Download Sample report
Digital Health Monitoring

Download Sample report
3D Printing and Intellectual Property

Download Sample report
US Mobile Commerce

Download Sample report
The Post-PC World

Download Sample report
Four Drivers of Luxury in Asia

Research categories include:

• Basic Science/R&D
• Biotechnology
• Business Practices
• Chemistry
• Chemical Engineering
• Computing
• Conflict & Security
• Construction
• Consumers
• Demography
• Economics
• Energy
• Environment
• Food & Agriculture
• Genetics
• Health & Medicine
• House & Home
• Infotech
• Infrastructure
• Leisure
• Manufacturing
• Materials Science
• Media
• Mobility
• Money
• Nanotechnology
• Natural Resources
• Politics
• Population
• Sensing
• Society
• Sustainability
• Telecom
• Transportation
• Values & Attitudes
• Work & Income

Interested in taking a tour of the archive and learning more? Contact Us:

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